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The telecommunications industry experiences a high level of customer delinquency compared to other industries, which results in operators facing escalating write-off amounts.

It is not always easy tracking down these delinquent customers as many have had their phone lines disconnected.

Charter Mercantile has more than 27 year’s experience working within the telecommunication debt recovery market and has developed tailored solutions that address key debt management challenges. Through our solutions and partnerships we are able to provide our clients with fast data connection, query and recovery response time, and enable them to minimise bad debt, rehabilitate customers rapidly to reduce churn, maintaining revenue streams.

Our integrated processes within our recovery system Cosmos, allows our low cost teams to provide extended actions through contact media such as: Telephone, SMS, Email and letters.

The integrated power and predicative dialler technology helps quickly identify disconnected numbers, giving our team early insight and allowing fast action use of other media types available.

Charter Mercantile has full insight knowledge of terms, package deals, and sales techniques allowing us the advantage to:

  • Seamlessly carry on from your existing credit and customer service functions
  • Negotiate with your customers using your terms of sale as a blue print
  • Demonstrate uniformity and conformity to your processes


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