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Credit management is at the core of what we do at Charter Mercantile; backed by an experienced team with proven success and advanced technology and data intelligence, we are in a strong position to look after the portfolios of banking and financial institutions from origination to full recovery.

Of the clients we represent, 50% of our total portfolio is in the area of banking and finance, which includes:

  • Overdrawn Accounts
  • Residual of Home Loan Mortgages
  • Overdue or Over Credit Limit Credit Card Accounts
  • Residual of Business Finance Accounts
  • Motor Vehicle Finance Collections

We offer a fully outsourced receivables management service across all stages of the consumer and commercial credit lifecycle, on both first and third-party basis.
Our reputation is built on delivering superior results, service to our clients, as well as extending to your customers, nothing less than professional and meaningful assistance.

By Choosing Charter Mercantile, You’ll Get:

  • Access to our specialist skills, a vast amount of experience and excellent track record.
  • Reassurance that your reputation is in safe hands, due to our ethical and fair treatment of customers and their information
  • Our commitment to building long-term strategic partnerships with our clients and delivering added value and insight.


Accurately assessing and controlling your financial risk.
Our 1st and 3rd party contact teams work with your customers to rehabilitate and restore their overdue or out of order accounts to a paying status. Charter Mercantile collection systems are tailored to blend with your collection management processes.

We understand measurement requirements such as, Roll Rate Management, and have therefore developed sophisticated technology with specialised fields to track payments, outstanding arrears and cycle cut dates, ensuring focus and methodology over each individual account. In turn, this provides accurate and current data allowing a more accurate risk management forecast.

Our processes are designed to:

  • Restore Delinquent Accounts
  • Reduce Provision for Write Off
  • Manage Cycle Cut Dates
  • Customer Rehabilitation

Charter will further enhance your recovery requirements to protect your interest through our legal services, insolvency and hardship teams.

Banking & Finance

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When it comes to receivables management, Charter Mercantile Pty Ltd is an outstanding performer.


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